Saturday, July 6, 2013

Evil In The World

Living in Connecticut put me in the position of  the constant coverage of the New Town School shootings.
No one can explain why some one,could do such things to innocent children.
Some claim that gun control is to blame,like  high power rifles,that anyone can buy.
Some feel that uncontrolled mental illness is to blame,But I feel evil is to blame.
We live in a country that has blurred the lines between what is right and what is wrong,we never call anything right or wrong,because we feel that everyone has a right to anything and if we voice our opinions that what someone is doing is evil,then we are told that we are some how wrong.
Evil abounds in the world,just as good does.
Some have said that since we took God and prayers out of the school,then how can we expect God to be in the class.
But evil abounds everywhere and it is not uncommon for people who have lost their bearing of right and wrong to end up going toward the dark side and becoming more and more evil.
If a person chooses destruction then any weapon,be it gun,knife,bomb or anything else,is all on the table.
In Oklahoma City the person who blew up the federal building used fertilizer.
Its not about the choice of weapon,its about the intent.
People say this man in Connecticut had mental illness,well if you want to kill innocent children then I agree you are mentally ill in some way.
But there are lots and lots of people walking the streets everyday who are mentally ill and don't kill children.
So evil is what is in the equation.
We attend Churches that to this day will not talk about the devil and his legions,my own church will not use his name because they feel we are calling him down to us.
Fine so if no one talks about the Satan and his evil  then how does any church expect people to understand who he is.
Jesus himself talked about the devil and in the Our Father prayer we ask God to "deliver us from evil,now and at the hour of our death".
Why would we ask for strength in overcoming evil if it where out of the picture.

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