Thursday, July 18, 2013

Intent And Acts

Yesterday while reading some face book post,I can across one written by my husband second cousin.
She lives in Indiana,has several small children and she and her husband work,very hard, at low paying jobs.
Several days ago her air conditioner stopped working and they were forced to turn to a small window unit,until they could get theirs fixed.
Since she has m.s. the heat makes her joints swell and body ache,but in spite of this they where trying to find someone who could fix this possible costly problem.
Later in the day,seeing their problem may be resolved,she and her husband decided,they needed to run an errand.
While proceeding to there destination,they spotted a jogger,leaning against a building,in the sweltering heat of the early evening.
Being good and caring  people they decided to stop at a local convince store and bring the runner a bottle of cool water.
Upon their return they found the lady jogger gone and no where to be found.
Feeling sad about this situation,turn of events,my husband cousin, posted on face book,that they where trying to do what God calls for and that is help those in need.
I posted back that it is not the fact that they did not find the woman and give her their thoughtful gift,it is always about purity of heart and intent.
Sometimes we do things thinking that we are going to help someone but in the end we may either help another more in need or even our selves.
We are tested and our acts of generosity do not go unnoticed.
Just because our intended target is who we perceive,it may not be who God sees in need.
You can not judge random acts and you can not second guess that which is preformed.
This morning I saw someone post,that he wishes he could help those in need but his schedule is to busy. He feels bad,since his community has lots of needy people.
He went on to write, "I do try to pray for them and that counts for something."
Truer words were never spoken.
We have to realize that one simple step is OK.
Prayer or even a donated hour here or there at a food pantry,community meal or simply buying a canned good,is just as important as becoming Mother Teresa and giving your life on a full time basis.
We are all called to preform different jobs in our lives.
You may push a broom for a living or bag groceries but giving all you can and being the best at your job affords others around you, comfort.
Pride in your work and helping strangers or fellow employees in your day to day life,is just as important as donating time to help the poor out on the streets,this is your gift to the world around you.
Never underestimate the power of one simple,selfless act.
Your intent of a pure heart, doing the right thing for someone,is all God really wants from you.
Asking nothing in return is the gift of giving,even if its just a simple bottle of cool water for an over heated jogger,who was not there to receive this well intentioned gift..

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