Thursday, August 9, 2012

To Thine Own Self Be True

To thine own self be true..W.Shakespeare.

Today while watching Joyce Myers, she mentioned how we should question our selves on everything we do.
The Bible says we should be humble and honest in order to bring God his glory.
So how can this be so, if our reasons for doing things are self centered and power grabbing,for our glory.
Why do we do the things we do?
This may seem very difficult to figure out,but really, is not.
Most of the time when we do something,just the simple question "why" will bring to our minds,the immediate and exact reason.
Today,I have decided,that from now on when ever I choose to do or agree to something,I will ask myself  "why" whats in it for me? and whats in it for God?
Questions like "why am I angry at this or that person?" " why do I want to be on this or that committee?" " why do I say yes or no to certain things when asked to do them?"..why,why,why.
Most of the times the answers we get will not be the ones we may want to face,We tend to think everything we do is for the good of others but most times its for self glorification .
Soon it will become evident to us,that the things we agree to are not so much for the glorification of God but for the praise of our selves.
If we took the time, to be honest, we would soon find ,we deceive ourselves on many levels.
Our days are filled with garbage,that we think is important,if we could rid ourselves from our lies we would see how much more manageable life would become and whats really important  to us.
My new watch word will now be "why" and with it I'm hoping to have a more quality filled and less junk accumulated, life
To my own life I now choose to be true,and so should you.

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