Saturday, August 11, 2012

Connecting The Dots

Several times this week I have done things that in the end connect with some ones life in ways I could not have even imagine.
It amazes me how my simple small acts can be joined together to make up a larger picture causing, what I now refer to as a " God connection".
Mother Teresa used to say that we are each like pieces in a watch,some small,some large,some cheap and some expensive,but together we make up the watch and God the energy,that makes the watch  run.
That one simple act we do,for reasons we think are the answers, end up being so much more,to another person life.
Send some one a gift or a card and the intent on your part may be something to lift a friends spirits,but in the receivers eyes or heart it may be just the words that have the right answer,to the receivers prayers or worries.
Spend some time speaking with a friend or making a suggestion and one word you have just said may have a different meaning then what you intended,just the right word to help them take action.
We do not understand the connections we make,on a day to day basis,but God does and sometimes He even allows us to glimpse into its hidden meaning.
The connections we make are like a ripple on a pond,caused by a stone,we see the ripples spread across the surface and hear the sound, but we miss the depth of its descent, as it lands on the bottom.
Choose to do and say good,be kind and encouraging and someday when your allowed a glimpse at the connection it will surprise you what the real meaning is and why your were allowed to play a part.

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