Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Out Of The Loop

This is becoming my new  phase "Once again out of the loop".
Seems the more we are involved in things in life,the less we know about whats going on around us.
Sigmund Freud suggested that "we can be successful in our jobs or we can be successful in our family life,but we can not be successful at both,because one has to give some where."
What does this mean?
You can not be involved in everything in life and be a success at it all,because something will always be lost in some fashion,some where.
Jesus put it this way "you can not serve two masters because you will love one and hate the other."
Our lives are like that,we can serve our family ,our jobs,our churches,or our  committees but we can not serve all of them equally,because at some point one or all of them, will seem like a burden and we will become dissatisfied  and feel like a slave, beginning to despise one or all our commitments.
We have to find balance in our lives,deciding what we will devote more time to and let the rest  come in second or third place,pulling our selves away to care less and do only the things we want to do when we choose to do them.
Not all of us are meant to do everything and be everything to everyone.
I decided along time ago that my family comes before my job,if my family needs me then my job comes after them,even if it means the possibility of losing my employment.
We all have commitments and business to deal with but our lives will never be totally fulfilled by all our wants and desires.
Being out of the loop to me means not being fully involved in everything around me,then making the conscience decision that its OK,even if it makes me feel let down or less important.
We all have gifts,some are meant to use their gifts in the houses of a church others in the world.
Though at times it may seem a let down if we are not gifted in a certain area,try as we might,we will never succeed in that area.
Jesus,himself was a traveling Rabbi,or teacher,he taught in temples but had no building of his own,he walked the earth and spoke truth to those in need,trying to gather together the lost sheep and bring them back into the fold.
Some of us may not be people of stone and mortar churches,some may be people of the earth,we all have gifts and talents and those may not mean a building.
The world should be our day to day church and maybe a brick and mortar building on Sunday, our charging station.
To get to locked into politics,of any kind distracts us from our day to day mission of family,friends and strangers in need.
Maybe the loop that encompasses committee things is to small a loop, for some people ,the whole world lays before them,lost and confused,bruised and damaged,maybe our callings are to the lost lonely little lambs who need that special one on one caring that we are gifted to give and do.

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