Sunday, August 12, 2012


Do you every have a sense about things,only to find out what your feeling comes true?
I have been blessed or cursed with just such issues.
Seems most of my adult life I get these feelings about things or people that I can not shake.
Most times when these waves come over me its usually a warning of what may be a bad person or situation.
I have had times at work where I will get this feeling of doom or dread only to have things go wrong on the floor,with patients or staff members.
Most people wish to have glimpse into the future,I,on the other hand,usually choose not to.
There have been times while quietly sitting at home, this absolute need to pray for someone comes across my whole being,making me feel if I do not do what is being asked of me, this person may not be comforted.
Most times I do not even know who needs my prayer,but several days later it will be made clear to me.
Some may call this a premonition or being psychic,I just call it a passing wave which in most instances,becomes true.
Many is the new person I have met,where upon saying hello to them,I have an overwhelming feeling to stay away from them.
Where I work the nurses aides have come to me and told me that when I have these feeling I am to tell them so they can prepare themselves for what is about to happen to them or their patients.
As a matter of fact Friday while standing at my med cart getting ready for the morning med pass this intense feeling of doom entered my body,I told the aides to prepare themselves I was getting "one of those feelings"and before I knew it within an hour I Had two staff people have to leave because they began to run fevers and vomit and one patient who started to take a turn for the worse.
It ended up being a very challenging morning,which did not settle down til lunch time.
What is a person to do with such an issue?
I have found deep heart felt prayer tends to help me ease and prepare myself for what is to befall those around me and myself.

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