Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Questional Beliefs And Understandings

Last night at Bible study we discussed the 5 books of Moses or what the Jews call The Torah.
The interesting fact about most of these works is that up until you get to Abraham, its hard to figure out exactly where these stories come from and are they true or just allegory.
Being an Orthodox Christian,our study bible tells us of the symbolism which will become reality in the New Testament.
Jesus in the tomb for three days,is like Jonah in the whale.
It's very hard to sort what is truth and fact based history,form what is unsubstantiated like the Garden of Eden or Noah's Ark.
Moses is attributed with the works of the Torah and is considered even in the Orthodox Christian Church to be a prophet.
No one can prove the stories in the first five books of the Old Testaments,but there seems to be connections with events that are told in the writings of other ancient societies that coincide with the Torah.
We live in a world of prove to me and I will believe,but religion is not a physical force in terms of its writings,its more a spiritual force of belief.
The Bible was written by men of faith not men of science.
Do we have to believe everything we are told in order to be good Christians?
No we do not.
There is nothing wrong with questioning repeatedly until we find the answer we are looking for,or at least believe is possible,maybe even agree to disagree til our situations change.
In the Jewish faith it is very customary to question everything,in the end it makes you a better believer.
In our Christian society we should think that asking questions and searching for answers,makes us more knowledgeable and less likely to be lead astray by a preachers pretty face and smooth words,but no foundation.
Jesus spoke several times in the Bible about teachers in wolf clothing pretending to lead people into heaven when all they want is selfish personal gain.
Cults happen when people blindly follow like sheep going to their own slaughter.
Many times I have thought about martyrs believing in their faith so much they are willing to be led to an ugly death.
What would lead people to such an action,when denial would be so much easier?
Conviction! Knowing that what your beliefs are unquestionable through your entire being,right to the very core.
All answers are not always clear,but as we mature in our beliefs we are given revelation and slowly begin to understand what we need to know and why.
Many religious scholars spend their whole lives on a quest for truth and knowledge,but in the end they learn only what is given to them in this life and at this time.

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