Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cursive Writing Will Be No More

Yesterday a retired teacher told me that in several years cursive writing will no longer be taught in the school systems,it seems with the advent of computers children now only need to know how to read and write the printed word.
He told me that 7 school systems in this country have already eliminated this form of writing.
This seems very sad.
As he told me this,the thought of the Pharaohs tombs and their hieroglyphics came to mind.
It took hundreds of years for man to relearn to decipher what the Egyptians knew thousands of years ago.
Losing the art of reading cursive writing will not allow our children or grandchildren to have the ability to view and understand beautifully hand penned letters by great people of the past.
So personal is our penmanship that they claim our characteristics can be seen in our letter stroke,swirls and angles.
Like an artistic expression,the world is given glimpses into our dreams and desires.
We will now curse our children of the future with the loss of the beauty of a hand written love letter or poem,from the one dearest to their hearts.
No longer will they know the tactile feeling and smell of ink to paper,sent to them by a distant lover.
Cursive writing is more then just a scribble on a paper its a personal expression of release,not just from the mind but from the heart and soul.
Back in the days of the dark ages only a certain few had the ability to write,these people were called scribes.
The rich felt it beneath them to learn to read and write and the poor could only dream of ever having such an ability,it was beyond their means.
To lose the art of penmanship seems a very sad future,like one more artistic endeavored crushed because of a public school laziness.

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