Monday, March 26, 2012

Best Laid Plans

The one thing I know about life is never plan anything and if you do be flexible.
Today is my second day of vacation,as always,I try to plan to do the things I can not normally do,due to my work schedule.
Today was to be my go to the bank,then grocery shopping,home to put everything that was purchased away, work on my Connecticut tax form and update resume,day.
Everything seemed to be going as planned,clothes in the washing machine and dryer,myself in the shower and slips written up to take to the bank to move money from this account to that,in order to buy food.
Jacket on and reusable bags in hand I started for the door when I heard something hit the siding on the house and a giant crash.
Walking outside in the windy weather I saw the tree limb we had been working on several days ago,which has been hanging high up in the neighbors tree since November,almost on the ground with part of my siding hanging from the second story bedroom window.
Not knowing what to about this issue I drove to where my husband was working and had him come home to decide how to best handle this.
With electric chain saw in his hand and a prayer in my heart and mind,we spent the next half hour cutting and hauling wood into the truck.
What a day always expect the unexpected in life and everything will be fine.
Now I'm tired and my taxes and resume are not done,oh well there's always tomorrow,shh, but don't tell anyone or this plan may not work out either.

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