Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nativity Site Embarrassment

Last night on the news a clip was shown of two groups of monks,one Greek Orthodox and the other Armenian,fighting with brooms while cleaning their areas at the church of the nativity.
Seems they had encroached into each others spaces and instead of just apologizing,they raised their brooms and starting hitting each other with them.
The fact that they got angry with each other,was bad enough,but the commentator said that this can be a common sight.
Common sight? Excuse me but how much belief do these monks have in the God of love and forgiveness when they are beating each other over the heads with brooms,as the local police try to brake it up,with clubs?
The sad part is that not one monk stepped forward to humbly ask for forgiveness or apologize to the other side.
Last week was Christmas,a time when we are to love our neighbors,because Jesus came down to earth in the form of a baby to save us from ourselves.
How sad that the clergy,whom we Orthodox look up to,feel they can act like a ruthless mob in a Holy public place.
It embarrasses me that we has members of the Orthodox Church,sit by and accept this humiliation to our faith,from professed religious men who know better.
I for one would like to say to both sides of this mess,what should have been said by at least one monk, that "I am sorry for what you felt was a violation of you side of the cleaning sight,at one of the Holiest of Christian places where Jesus himself was said to have been born."
Maybe if I,has a member of the Orthodox Church,ask you both for forgiveness,next time you men will think twice before raising your hand,or broom,to your brother in anger,maybe instead you will shake hands and grant each other the right of way.
A song I learned in grammar school says:"they know we are Christians by our love,by our love and they will know we are Christians by our love."
One other thing I would like to tell these monks is if you think your actions are not know by others,trust me today is day number two and once again on the world evening news they replayed the clip for the whole of the United States to see one more time.
I'll bet more people in this country,saw this shameless clip,then took the time to watch the 60 minutes show Sunday evening about Mount Athos and the peaceful loving monks,that reside there.
To bad,how sad!
To be Orthodox means to follow the unchanged truth and be held to a higher standard of living,what that means is when we do unchristian things the world keeps putting it in front of every ones eyes.
The evil one relishes our falls and takes joy in our shamefulness and how can you blame him....

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