Thursday, December 15, 2011

Naked Santas/Real Christmas Meaning

Tis the season to see and hear the ridiculous.
In San Francisco some of the locals decided to try and get into the World Book of Records by having the largest grouping of naked Santa Clauses assembled in one area.
O.K. some times life requires you to just have a sense of humor and move on.
Personally I have never wanted to see Santa naked,for a man his size clothing is a blessing not an option,of course I can say the same about my own personal build,put it on would be my mantra,one that these Santa's need to adopt.
This is laughable to me.
Why you may ask? Because Santa is not the reason I celebrate Christmas..Jesus is..
With this in mind tolerance to stupidity can become a way of life.
Most of us know who Santa or Saint Nicolas really was and walking around neighborhoods naked was not his claim to fame.
Only in hot California can you get away with Santa in the buff,to try this in New England would be a very chilly challenge,to say the least.
I'm not sure why we Christians allow ourselves to become offended with this nonsense,all it does is distract us from the real reason we are here on this earth and why we celebrate Christmas.
Jesus said we are in the world not of the world.
So why are we so surprised when the world acts crass and insulting.
besides its hard to be all that we can be when we're angry about things like clerks not saying Merry Christmas,Town Halls not allowing Religious Decorations to be displayed or Santas running around in their birthday suits.
Good and evil both abound in the world around us,to focus only on the silly and ridiculous detracts from all the good and charitable things that so many people are doing at this holiday season.
So let the naked Santas have their day because in the end the real meaning of Christmas comes to us from the people who feed the hungry,cloth the naked and bring cheer to those who are sick.
These are the unspoken Santas who don't take the headlines and do it with their clothes in place.

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