Monday, January 2, 2012

Clean Your Closets And Give Away Your Abundance

One show I like to watch is house hunts and house hunter international.
It amazes me the cost of these houses,people choose to buy,from $400,000. to a million dollars,or more.
The question that always comes to my mind is where do these people get the money to make those monthly payments and why do they need such large houses.
Most women,on this show say they want walk in closets because in their present living situations they have no space to put all their clothes,one woman said she had about 500 boxes of shoes,stuffed on a shelf in her closet.
Why people insist on collecting so much clothing and shoes is just way out of my thought process.
Do these folks actually wear all of this clothing or ever even remember what they have stored away?
When I seasonably clean my closets the first thing I ask myself is "when was the last time I wore this and do I really need something,no matter how pretty it is, that is just collecting dust?"
We forget that the things we hoard out of mindless,materialistic need,may better be used by some one who has nothing in their closets,if they have closets.
What we buy out of desire is taken away from those who we could truly help.
Most people buy things just because they happen to be in a store and they have a need to spend money for self gratification,not for real need.
Now I'm not saying we should never own nice things but the things we buy we should at least want to wear occasionally.
One rule I try to use in my own house is when I bring new things in equal older things,that are unwanted need to leave the house.
Most people,like hoarders,never even know everything they have,but have a sick need to be engulfed by it all.
When we hoard we deny those around us who are really in need to have what we store and never use.
If we own 5 winter jackets but only wear two,we deny 3 other people something that could keep them warm.
Less in many cases,can be more in our lives and the lives of others.
It must be the new year because things like this fill my mind.
Waste of money,time and food in the end is all waste and someone else could benefit from say your other 450 pairs of shoes sitting,unused in our closets.
New Year means new starts,time to clean out those clothes and houses and give to a charity, help those who would appreciate and wear all the things that have fallen on floor in the back of the closet.
Your excess can be someone abundance.

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