Monday, July 18, 2011

Zero Growth And The U.N.

Back in the mid to late 1970's,during our awaking to the environment,many people touted zero population growth.In other words you should have one child and no more then two,in order to help save our environment and let everyone be able to have food around the world.
Our sacrifice would help the world at large.
This morning while listening to a Rhode Island talk radio station,it came out that the U.N. has set up a committee along with a green committee,to tell us,in the developed world,not the third world,that we need to once again go back to the idea of no more then two children,in order to save our planet.
Seems our future children would cause an excess in carbon in our future foot prints.
Only the developed nations,at present,are to blame because we consume more then any other parts of the third world,thus causing more destruction.The U.N. and this green committee feel to have more then two children,in say the United States,is well,selfish.
Who should tell us how many children is the right amount for you to have and raise?
Should this be a joint decision between two consenting adults or the United Nations,who by the way can't even run their own organization with any credibility,as noted by all the world genocide and their inability to intervine or stop it.
I believe that the number of children you choose to have should be up to you,has long as you are not expecting the government to assist in your income to raise these children,the choice sits on your shoulders.
Personal I'm tired of so called well meaning educated people telling me what I can and can not do with my body and family.
Children are a gift and according to the Bible we were given dominion over the earth and not the other way around.
People who believe in the greenness of the earth and planet need to understand that since we are in the image and likeness of God,then our welfare comes before the creatures of the earth.
God created us to be one with nature and the animals around us,all the earth may be at our disposal,but we still need to be good stewards and not go out of our way to cause destruction and desolation.
God is in everything around us,sort of a combined spirit,but we have God breath within us and as such are above the animals and the planets.
If you can afford more then two children and are good,hard working,loving people,why not have as many children as you want,but with that said,I also do not believe you should be given any special tax breaks for more then two children or price reductions in health insurance family plans,To this day I can not understand why someone with five children should pay the same insurance premiums as my husband and I.
If you choose a large family you also need to chose a good income to go with it,welfare for more the two children should not be an option.
Since God gave us a brain its important to use it when deciding on how large a family to choose and how we chose to raise them.

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