Friday, July 15, 2011

Church Garden And Festival

Seems this year every vacation I have had,has in some way been a working vacation.
So much to do in so many places and so little time to do it all.
This week as been no exception.
Taking time for pleasure just is not in my nature and it seems such a waste not to take advantage of these extra cool days to do much needed yard work both at our church and home.
Yesterday while raking and weeding my friend Laura and I decided to pick up some flowers and dress up the church yard for this weekend's up coming St. Micheal Romanian Orthodox,ethnic festival.
As we were checking out the flowers it came to mind that,due to his busy schedule,Fr. Peter's vegetable garden had nothing in it but some budding tomatoes,with plants on sale we decided to dress up this small bounty with leek plants,eggplant and string beans,we wouldn't want our little country garden not looking its very best for our up coming guest.
I'm a real vegetable growing person,some people like flowers,but I like watching vegetables grow.
Maybe its my selfish nature to gain from my labors,but their is nothing like fresh vegetables right off the vine.
Luckily the garden plot had very loose soil due to a previous evening's rain storm,so all the weeds came out very nicely with minimal labor.
I must admit it was very satisfying to see all those little plants staked up and in straight rows for the up coming days ahead.
Summers in new England,though hot and humid,are very short.We,unlike our southern neighbors,have only about ten good weeks to get it all in then before you know it fall is on our door steps,with frosty nights to follow.
In the up coming weeks the joy of these simple fruits of the earth blooming to their full capacity will be a sight to see.
Since this year I did not get to plant my own garden,due to all the rain we have had,it kind of makes me feel like,in some small way,that this is my contribution to my desires earlier in the season.
So after several days of my small contributions,the yard and flowers are in place all ready for the up coming festivities and joy to be had on Sunday afternoon.
On July 17,2011 If you are in the area of St. Michael Orthodox Church,on Romanian avenue in Southbridge,we will be offering liturgy at 10am and an afternoon of food,fun and beauty,please stop by and take in all the sights and sounds of a wonderful warm summer day filled with friends both old and new and become apart of our wonderful day.

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