Friday, July 8, 2011

Standing Alone

When Jesus was arrested and crucified all,but one of his apostles,ran away for fear they would be next.
Most hid out in a dark upper room trembling in fear,losing the faith that their,now thought,deceased teacher,had spent three years trying to reinforce in them.
Fear can drive even the bravest person to their knees and whats worse,is the loss of those you counted on the most to stand firm next to you in times of trouble.
Most people will tell you that you know who your real friends are by the way they stand in your presence during times of perseverance.
Harry Truman once told one of his troubled cabinet member "you stand next to me and I'll stand next to you."
This is what a true friend does,they stand firm next to you and if need be they hold you up while those around you repeatedly try to knock you to the ground.
We live in a world that prides its self on opposites.
First you are told how wonderful it is to be loving and giving and with the same breath your told how stupid and foolish you are to give away what you have.
When Jesus came to earth he taught us that being a faithful person means wanting what everyone else feels is foolish.
Giving to the poor,feeding the hungry,visiting the sick and imprisoned are all noble ideas but in this fallen world they are viewed as stupid especially when you are effective.
No one wants to turn the other cheek and no one wants to stand alone.
Its a lonely position to be abandoned and its humiliating to think those who profess to love you the most will turn their backs on you like an enemy.
But you know being alone can be a refreshing thing because it makes you understand that the only one you can count on is yourself and God,the only person who will never abandon you.
God picks the foolish to confound the world and abandonment goes hand in hand with striving for full achievement.
The world will hate you but God will always love you.
Not my will but yours is easier to said then to done.

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