Friday, July 22, 2011


Today is to be almost 100 degrees.
Hot for us folks in New England and as we say here in the northern states,it's not the heat its the humidity,that will do you in.
I try not to spend to much time complaining about how hot it is,first because it's the middle of July and the hottest part of summer and second because there are many people,not just in this country but around the world,who are suffering from extreme heat conditions.
When my son was in Iraq,I never complained about how hot it was here,100 degrees pales in comparison to 130 degrees in a desert with full military packs on your back,doing guard duty for hours on end.
So as you can see what seems so bad to us for a few day is really just a nuisance while those we don't know are really suffering with hot weather.
I have always wondered how during the days before of fans and air conditioners,people could live in our hot southern states,year round.
No wonder people died so young.
God bless those people who went west in covered wagons,with long hot clothes on
and no comforts at all.
Today we are spoiled,complaining about the heat as we get into our air conditioned cars then head over to the nearby convenience store to pick up an icy cold,over sized drink.
So we have hot summers but as my Priest Father Peter says during humid uncomfortable Sunday morning Liturgies "its better to be hot here,then in the here after".
Words to live by.
No frosty freezes or big gulps in hell.
Stay cool and remember fall is coming,now I know why I love that time of year so much.

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