Friday, November 14, 2014

Which Baby Is Blessed

Every baby born into this world is blessed by the hand of God.
One of King David psalms says "The Lord knew and formed me in my mothers womb".
Children are a blessing,be they born from rich parents or a poor drug addicted single mother,living on the streets.
Jesus never said that any child born to material rich caring parents are more blessed then those born of a single teenage parent.
Jesus loved the child,in the Bible he spoke about their innocence and how we as Christians need to be like little children in our beliefs.
In this country people treat children like a commodity,not a gift.
We do not understand the innocence in our arms,as we hold a child,be they sick or well.
When my grandparents where alive people did not have birth control.To have 6 or 10 children was not an odd thing.
Back in the mid 1960's with the advent of birth control,coming into women lives came,the desire to have children when each chose them.
My own choice to have only one child came from a belief,back in the mid  70's and early 80's,due to the idea that we are an overpopulated world and to have one child would help the environment be able to sustain all people around the world.
I do not feel bad for having only one child,it was a choice and I felt more children would need more then I could give them.
Some children are brought into this world and have a lone teenage mom,with no way to support themselves or their baby and others are born to important people with 3 priest praying over them saying "look how blessed they are".
But in the end which one is more blessed then another?
Jesus was born in a stable with a teenage mother and a carpenter for a father,yet God more then blessed him,on the moment of his arrival.
The son of God,born poor he was loved beyond measure by his Holy Father.

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