Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Letting Go

This as been a most trying summer.
On June 6th I went to my local emergency room for left lower abdominal pain.
While there I was asked by the on duty doctor, if I wanted to have a ct scan done .
To my surprise they found I was in need of a gallbladder removal,due to inflammation and what looked to be a cyst in my right kidney.
Several weeks past and while at the surgeon's office,it was discovered that what I thought was a cyst turned out to be a cancer in my right kidney.
Due to my need to have my gall bladder removed,then time to heal,the kidney could not be removed until October 6th.
Luckily it was found and though large in size,this cancer was very slow growing and no further treatment would be needed.
The one thing I learned through all this was "Its all in God hands".
Though I did my part by eating well and taking vitamins,to prepare for the best possible surgical out come,in the end you need to let go and let God take over.
I was most fortunate and can not even begin to tell you how many prayer lists and church masses where said for me by so many caring people and friends.
We may not understand how our one life touches so many others,but we do.
The day before I ended up in the ER.I had attended my friend Lisa, church women's group,silent action.
While there we prayed and the pastors wife came to me to put her hands on me, because she said she felt the presence of the holy spirit upon me.
God works in strange and odd ways and though frightened,I learned that there is just some things we have no control over and that includes our health.
God steps in and takes over and we have to relinquish our control.
At present my out come so far,is wonderful.
This sickness as allowed me to see my friends for who they are and how fortunate I am to have so many people take the time to just let me know how much I am loved
Letting go of the reins in faith,puts us in the postion of a freedom we can never fully understand,until we are tried by difficult situations.

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