Saturday, November 10, 2012

Riding The Rollercoaster

O.k its been 4 days since our Republican defeat and all that can be said is what it is.
This is not my  idea of a great thing but living in Connecticut as taught me one thing and that is,being a conservative in a liberal state may not have taught me to lose graciously,but it as taught me to lose often.
Every election is unnerving,wanting so much to see this country succeed is what makes us who we are,but this is the year we take the stony path instead of the high road.
What is to become of my 401k?Not much, for another 4 more years I will slowly watch it erode to nothingness and wonder where all the money that took years to save,all went.
Taxes seem to be ahead of us.
No state,in this country, is in a good state of affairs, and taxing those who are earning anything,will be our new mantra.
We all need to understand that there will be many more poor and hurting,not able to get more then 20 hours of work a week.
Socialism is a theory that works well in the mind but not so in reality.
Those under the age of 40 know little of what real socialism is about,but if it was such a good thing,why did so many people leave their Balkan homelands,some 50 years ago,to live here?
Where do we go from here?
I will be saving allot more money in my savings account,the thought of going through another recession or getting work hours cut back,leaves me with little other choice.
Also the poor will now be in more need of our assistance with food prices sky rocketing and possible gas prices, going up to $5.00 a gallon.
Jobs will continue to stop as big companies move on to other countries with not only their manufacturing and their investments.
Small businesses will have to close or stay small related to the new taxes that will be levied on those who earn $250,000.a year.
Does this all sound depressing to you?
Well we are all in this together and we will all walk off the cliff as a united group.
Time has come for us to understand what is most important in our lives and that is our family,friends,churches and above all God.
Staying small is our best bet,and staying close to assist those who will suffer more then ourselves.
Four more years and we shall see where we shall be...stay tough...and be their for your neighbors...


Christian LeBlanc said...

This may be the best assessment I've seen since the election. I just bumbled into your blog and the content is solid without being wordy.

linda said...