Monday, October 22, 2012

Jobs Snobs

You know you come from a different generation when everything being told to you from politicians to the media, is contrary to what you have held as a belief.
Several days ago a politician,speaking on t.v.,said that we in this country need to focus our selves and our future generations on the fact that we all need to be educated,having higher paying jobs,allowing the rest of the world to take on the low paying,physical labor,manufacturing.
Does this not strike anyone as a rather snobbish rhetorical?
Only a person who has never had to work hard to get where they are today, can come up with such snobbishness.
Do we now feel we are to good to get our hands dirty?
Many of our ancestors came to this country with a few dollars in their pockets and worked hard at the minimal low pay jobs in order to give their families what they lacked back in the old country,which was namely freedom and the right to get ahead.
We seem to now have a generation of coddled people who feel when they step out of college they are entitled,even with no work experience,to be given the easy sit down jobs making huge salaries.
What made this country great was the fact that we where not elitist,who felt any job was demeaning.
The good thing about the last four years and the lousy economy is it has made this spoiled generation understand that just because you where given much,does not mean in a matter of seconds it can not all be taken away from you,no matter your education or degrees.
When did we become a group of people who felt that any job that was honest and paid you even minimum wage,was a waste of our extraordinary talents.
Who is so above any one that to say because one person has an education puts him above an ethic code of a hard,honest work.
Its sad that this country is now becoming a group of snobs,who think those who do the hands on labor intense,service work makes them someone to be looked down on or pitied.
We are in for a very large fall when all the high paid jobs are gone.
Five years ago while in Macedonia,my husband cousin talked to us about how she was an unemployed Dentist living in a town with 5 other Dentist like her self.
 Because of a high unemployment rate,most people did not have enough money to go to the dentist.
So many people in that country who hold degrees,due to free higher education, do not work.
Those who seemed to be doing well,where the bar,restaurant, and shop owners not to mention the gas station  mechanics who could work on older model cars,since no one can afford a new one.
Is this to be our future?
Allot of well educated people,who lack ambition and feel hands on,unskilled labor is beneath them so they collect from the government.
This country always stood for a way to get ahead,if you worked hard and accepted what was offered you, at some point you also could get the gold ring.
The pursuit of happiness is a wonderful thing but the pursuit of elitism and laziness is not.
Besides with all that education and the ability not to be able to fix even a leaky pipe,who in the end will be the real capitalist,the one with the supposed high IQ or the person charging you  a hundred dollars an hour to fix your toilet?

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