Saturday, November 17, 2012

Death With Dignity

This last election ,the state of Massachusetts voted on question 2,or doctor assisted suicide.
This is the time when it pleases me greatly to live in Connecticut,since we never get asked questions about anything in our state.
Life is cheap in this country and pain or watching someone suffer,is more then we think we can handle,so it must be made palatable and easy on everyone.
Don't get me wrong,I am not one of those persons who feels suffering is a good thing,and with today's multitudes of pain medications,its pretty much unnecessary .
Dying with dignity means,to get everything in your life straight with family members and God.
Many people who are on their deathbed find this a good time to come out with what is most important to them and how corrections can be made,to come to peace.
They say that most people who are dying do not worry about how much money they have,they worry about more personal things,like reconciliation to those whom they may have harmed be it physical or personal.
On the other side family members spending time with the dying, are given the opportunity to do the good they did not have time to do in their day to day lives.
Disagreements can become lessened when one is allowed to show how much they can overcome themselves to care for and love the person who is dying.
Once an author was asked "why do bad things happen to good people?"his answer was because it allows those around them to become more then they can be,or were before the incident happened.
Bad things,can many times,bring out the best in the human beings around you.
Situations in life are many times out of our control and with that we must make do with the best we can at hand,which many times is just our loving caring self.
We in this country view death as a bad thing,not a natural state of affairs,true no one wants to die,but we have no choice in the matter.
Many talk of how this is our opportunity to right our wrongs.
I know being a nurse there is a big difference between giving medication to ease ones suffering and giving a medication to end ones life.
The later for me,is murder,even if the person asking you to do it is in their right mind.
Suicide does not involve others,just your self,assisted suicide brings another person into the picture and causes them to have to live with the action you asked them to assist you with.
How will they feel in 10 or 20 years,being the one who handed you the drink that ended your life.
Seems all so sterile.

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