Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Religious Institutions Must Now Provide Insurance with Free Contaceptive Care

Several days ago I read how the new Obama health care would effect the Catholic and Christian institutions which accept money from the government.
Places like Catholic hospitals,schools and other institutions which allow themselves to get money in any way from the federal government would now have to provide health insurance to their employees which included free contraceptive pills and/or devices.
The government feels that since not all people who work at these religious institution are Catholic or even Christian,they need their contraceptive needs provide for,no matter what the teachings of the church is.
I have come to the conclusion that accepting money from the government may be seen as a good thing when your in need of income,but in the end its like dancing with the devil,you may get to pick the tune but you don't get to call the steps.
Now it is very understandable that in these times of expense health care,the need for assistance is very much a reality,lets face it if you want to stay in business you need to compete on the same scale as the big boys or you are not a very effective entity.
Back in the days when Catholic,Christian and religious groups started these hospitals and schools,they were the only ones with enough money to fund and run such large enterprises,but alas the time has come when no longer do people pay the doctor or hospital form their own pockets,now the cost is so great that we all have to share in each others expenses by the use of insurance.
Several days before Obama rammed this health care plan down every ones throats,there was a small group of representatives looking for grantees that this sort of thing would not happen to religious organizations,no group would be forced to provide or pay for what they deemed not correct to their religious foundation of beliefs.
Like the wind that whole idea has gone away never to be seen again.
The problem with church groups is they believe what they are told and act has if its a great shock when they get blind sided.
I'm not so sure why they trust so much but the fact is once you realize the devil is in the details then its to hard to turn back..that's the way he works you know.
I don't know about you but I have not heard anything in the main stream media about this whole situation,though I did read it in a Worcester news paper.
Once again we lose a little more of our selves as Christians to a world were they think any thing goes.
In the end its really our own fault because when you sell your soul what else is there left to do but compromise and dilute your self just a little bit more.
First funded contraceptives then funded abortions,it all goes hand in hand.
Don't feel so shocked.
If you don't like this write to your representatives and tell them this goes against the separation of church and state and you feel this is wrong..or ignore it and wait for the next blow to the head of you faith.

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