Friday, February 3, 2012

Misinterpretation By President Obama

I have come to the point in my life where I most definitely do not want my President to tell me Bible quotes,especially when he is misinterpreting its meaning.
Recently while at a religious clergy breakfast in Washington D.C. the president spoke about his views on taxing the rich to give to the government to distribute to the poor,he said "and for us Christians we are told that 'for those who much is given,much is required'."
O.K. lets give credit due to the fact that he did know a Bible verse but lets also understand that he missed its context,it does not mean,as President Obama erroneously misspoke,that the government has the right to take from the rich and give to the poor.
The passage means that you as an individual,through your own richness,be it money,food,talent or time are to help your fellow brother or sister in their times of need.
Jesus did not say if you go into the world and some one ask you for a coat to go to the federal government,take your second coat,hand it to them and they will distribute it for you to whom ever they feel is in need.
In this scenario both you lose out on the good feelings of love and kindness being extended in help to a person in need and the recipient may lose out because the government may not feel like he qualifies for the coat but someone else does whom they feel is more in need.
But what if the gift you were to give this person,be it your coat,had some special meaning that only the recipient and God knew about and your giving of said clothing was to make a great difference in this person life,not because of the physical warmth it would provide,but because of the human kindness and generosity that was extended by you.
Would the government have more insight then God and give it to the right person for the right reason.
Not all we do is monetary sometimes what is given or done by another has meaning that we know nothing about,not just for the person receiving the gift but also for the one giving the gift.
We are told in the Bible not to follow false teachers,those who take Bible verses and use them for their own intent.
Any passage in the Bible can be manipulated to suit any person need depending on who they are,even Satan tried to use Bible verses when he tempted Jesus in the desert.
The act of giving is required by those of faith and for the government to try and wiggle its way into using these saying as a way to fund their political agendas are wrong.
Extra money taken from those who have more to give,has nothing to do with the helping of the poor,but does have everything to do with the growth of the government into our lives.
Can we be guaranteed that this money is not going to be used to fund a contra group,buy guns for things like fast and furious,attempt to overthrow our religious rights,fund abortions or euthanasia?
More money does not give us a promise that those in need are to be helped,all it does is make for more restrictions and laws turning us into a better funded nanny state.
We as church become insignificant when we do not fulfill our call to help the less fortunate,we become unnecessary and then we become...gone..
In the end why would anyone need religion when the government can now be their new god?