Monday, February 27, 2012

How Far Are You Willing To Go For Your Faith ?

How far are you willing to go for your faith?
Most Sunday mornings,that I do not have work,just getting out of bed seems like a war of wills.
Yes I need to get up and no I don't want to.
Today on the news they spoke of a minister in Iran who was to be executed because he dared to ask the school why his children were being taught Islam,when the constitution of the country says they are free to practice other religions,like Christianity.
He has been in prison for over a year now and was to be executed today,but as of yet has not.
All this man is being asked to do is renounce his faith and he can again be a husband and father with his life back.
To which he says "No"
It makes me ashamed when I realize all that is asked of me by faith is to come to church,pray and spread the good news by both words and actions,the very things this man has done and now is in jail for.
We,in this country, are not so persecuted as we lead our selves to believe.Our rights are given to us and all we have to do is take the fundamental easy steps which we do not because of our own laziness.
I always say I could never be a martyr because I can't stand the though of pain,I am a whiner.
But do we ever know how we would tolerate being asked to renounce our beliefs just to be left alone and out of harms way?
I know people who tell me they would go to the death for their religious beliefs,to which I must ask..would you,really? And if so how can you be so sure?
For I am sure of nothing in life and can greatly understand how St.Peter felt when he denied Christ,three times.
Fear can seize you in an instant and who can tell what will come out of ones mouth.
The White House and Justice department along with the majority leader Bainer, have all urged Iran to take a breath and understand the back lash that will come from the execution of this Minister.
So little is asked of us in this country and only our own laziness stops us from being all we can be.
God can give us greatness of courage but we have to be able to put faith in the fact that only He and the Holy Spirit can lead us from our own selves.

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EDOKA said...

Nice post. I made me think about my own life of inactions.