Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday : Storm Irene

Sunday morning found me at work and with no electricity,either at work or at home.
The drive home was some what calm,a little rain and most of the down limbs found on my own street.
Happy to be safely home,the lack of electricity seemed a minor annoyance,especially with most of the state being hit harder then us.
The day before we stocked up on bottles and gallons of water,so if the power did go out we could cook,drink and flush our toilet.
Being old campers we were prepared with propane gas,stoves and lanterns but no crank radio,so finding out how badly hit was an unknown,though the silence was rather nice.
The next day,on Monday morning,my husband and son went and got my fathers old generator so we could have some of the modern amenities,for a few hours anyways,just like the rest of the world up and down our road.
It's kind of nice getting a chance to live like my grandparents did,when they were children in Canada,on the farm,sure makes you appreciate how difficult their lives were,no running water and an afternoon of planning just to make a meal,no simple task for the faint hearted.
Water had to be pulled up from the well with a bucket,wood for the stove carried in from the outside wood pile and vegetables picked fresh from the garden or home made canned products carried up from root cellar,under the house.
We do have some tree limbs down around our yard but none on our house or cars and we are calling and visiting friends ,neighbors and relatives to see if they are in need of borrowing our generator for a few hours to refresh the cold in their refrigerator and freezer.
Funny Sunday night when we went out to eat we admired all those lucky people,along our path who had lights and TVs on,I guess it was electricity envy.
When we arrived back home our neighbor,across our yard,had electricity while our street did not.
He had run an electric cord across the road to the house nearest him,who was still with no electrical power and I must admit thoughts of coveting my neighbors extension cord came to mind.
It would be so easy just sneak across the yard and add on to his cord..the plan all arranged in my mind,but the deed left undone.
In the Bible God talks about all sorts of coveting of ones neighbors goods,like wives,man servants,maidservant,even ones ass,as in donkey,but no where does it say anything about his electrical cord...

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