Monday, August 1, 2011

Opposite But Equal Reaction

Einstein said that "every action has an opposite and equal reaction."
Life is also like this theory.
Everything we do,or do not do,in our day to day,moment to moment existence effects not only us but those around us.
It's not just the good things we do its also the bad and ignored things we do not do.
Our lives touch and effect all those near and far for the better or worse of each and every ones life force.
If we do small amounts of good we effect the good in the lives of others and vise verse,but if we do even small amounts of bad,or nothing at all,then bad and ignorance goes and comes into the world around us.
Opposite and equal does not just mean the physical things we do,it also means the spiritual and mental.
To say bad or good,do bad or good or even think bad or good is like a vibration,or wave,that extends from you to those around you.
To not be there for those in need because of your own selfishness,makes you an isolationist allowing others near by you to lose faith,trust and hope.
What could be a great and loving monument to God turns into a pile of confused rubble because you could not be bothered with the welfare of others.
Those of us who work with people on a daily basis know that one moment of self indulgence can lead to an others missed opportunity of hope and need.
Good equals,in most cases,good while evil self centeredness leads to isolation and lack of motivation,in both directions.
To build in the face of difficulties is never easy but to simply walk away is a sin before not only those in need but in the eyes of God himself.
What you put into the world around you is also what effects the world around you,opposite and equal reaction to all forms of matter in this universe.
If you who have great faith,walk away from your duties and responsibilities,how can you expect those with little to be any more interested then you are?
Opposite and equal reaction...Jesus understood this theory.
Even before Einstein penned this principle on paper,Jesus lived it all the way to the end of his mortal life and beyond.
Can any less be asked of us?

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