Sunday, September 2, 2012


I don't know much about Mormonism but one thing they have is called missions.
Now missions to them does not just mean going off to another country and doing religious work,it also means staying in your own church or community and helping.
To many people who belong to a religion or sit in a pew do not feel that what they have to offer is worth being used by their faith.
Most feel that all the action is about those who serve during the Sunday Service,but this should be farthest from the truth.
Church means world outreach and building in reach,if you want people to become more interest in your church make them more involved.
Many churches seem to think that only a certain few need to be involved in everything while the rest sit idly by.
Someone once told me that 20% of the people do  80% of the work,this tells me that 80% of the people do not feel challenged or comfortable enough to even try.
Why? Maybe because they have a fear of failure,or that they will not do the job to the highest standards of perfection held by others,or it could be  they were not asked.
At our church we have a community meal 2 to 3 times a months,one day while there a lady came into the kitchen to deliver a cake and offer her services.Since we have done this meal for almost three years now,our small group as become very comfortable with the fact that we know our jobs,working like a well oiled machine,so we thankfully declined her offer.
Later the thought came to mind of why we did not find,even something simple for her to do.
We tend to forget that most people want to be helpful and when we deny them that right, we cut them off from something that might spark a flame of interest.
Mission is important for peoples psyche,they feel connected and joined to a group.You have a bigger stake in things when you are invited to be a part of things,especially things you have a gift at.
Churches that don't allow everyone from the youngest to the oldest,to take on a job,lose that sense of family,which is crucial to a church.
At home a good family gives a choir to ever member,some set the table,some make the meal,some serve this food,some clear the tables and some,like it or not,wash and put the dishes away.
Why? Not just because it teaches good work ethic and how to get along with each person in the family but more important because what you contribute has worth and makes you a partner with each other member.
Many think church is about ceremony, big words and formal prayer but its really about all Gods children getting together to form one big family.
Today I went to a friend church's car wash.
Everyone doing their part to raise money to help fund their overseas missionaries .
They served me lunch and took my picture along with their own church family,why because I was a visiting friend to a family member and that is how you treat your children's friends,when they come to your home.
Mission means purpose and purpose means unity.

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